bSHK 2019 Conference

April 29, 2019

The first conference of bSHK in 2019 was held successfully with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Building Services Engineering Department on April 24th 2019 at Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, Poly U,  from 2-5pm. 


The Conference theme is "The Next Phase in BIM Revolution - Smart Technology in Digital Construction"which coordinate with bSHK re-positioning process, which is to go beyond BIM and step over the frontier of Hong Kong. 


The conference was started with an opening speech given by our Chairman - Ir David Yau, followed by an officiating speech from Mr. Victor So Hing-woh, SBS, JP, Chairman of Urban Renewal Authority.


Conference speakers and their speech topic in order:


Speaker 1: Dr. Jung In, KIM - Assistant Professor of Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, City University of Hong Kong 


Speech Topic: Recent Research Achievements in the implementation of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)


Speaker 2: Mr. Calvin Leung - Marketing Director of Infineon Technologies, Greater China 


Speech Topic: Intuitive Sensing & A.I - Enabled Solution For Smart Building 


Speaker 3: Mr. Elvis, Li Kwong, CEO of isBIM Limited and Vice Chairman of bSHK 


Speech Topic: PropTech, Our New Age 


Speaker 4: Dr. Albert Wong,  Director of Public Sector Consulting from PWC HK


Speech Topic: Spatial data to power smart city 


The conference is finished by a closing remarks given by Professor Shiu Keung Tang, the associate head of department of BSE Poly U of Hong Kong 






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