A warm welcome to everyone,

Since bSHK was founded in April 2013, it is a non-profitable organization aiming to promote BIM application in the construction industry and to introduce international advanced BIM applications and standards to our members and the industry. I am honoured to be able to work with a group of talented colleagues who likes to contribute to the future development of BIM, in Hong Kong, in China and the 'Belt and Road' policy, so as to support the industry to meet future challenges.

bSHK was one of the buildingSMART International (bSI) member chapters when it was first established. We are very grateful for its support during our early years of development. Now, after more than four years’ period, multiple global BIM standards were set up to promote BIM development including the national P-BIM standard in China, the American NIBS Standards and the bSI IFC standards. However, with the rapid emerging internet technology such as big data, AI, IOT technology and SMART City emphasis, the challenge of BIM development has evolved beyond the standards. We need to adopt the use of Internet and new technologies to improve the efficiency of the building and construction industries. Therefore, after discussion at the AGM in 2017, we agreed to promote integrated applications of BIM + technology in big data, AI, IOT and SMART City in order to cope with the industry's future technology development trend. Also, we decided to cease participation in bSI activities based on resource allocation considerations.

In line with our new development, we designed a new emblem based on the concept of a fusion between Chinese and Western cultures and simplicity, with the 'B' and '型' referring to big data and BIM. I hope you would all like our new emblem and show strong support to our new direction of development. 

To conclude, I would like to quote a few words from President Xi's speech at the 'Belt and Road' Initiative Forum: As the Chinese ancient saying goes: “We cannot reach a thousand miles without accumulating steps”, the Arabic proverb says that “The Pyramid is made up of pieces of stone”, and also a saying in Europe: “Rome wasn't built in a day”. BIM is a great undertaking that requires great efforts to be implemented. Let us work together to promote BIM implementation step by step and to bring benefits to our industry and people. 

Thank you.

Mr. Sammy Ng Tim Yeung

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